Vasthu is otherwise known as “Vasthu Shastra” which is a blend of both Vasthu and Astrology. Mr. Sai, Best Vasthu Consultant in Chennai, instructs you the principle of “Vasthu Shastra” and will bring harmony in your life If your house is build based on the Vasthu Shastra. It will bring harmony, prosperity, and happiness where you reside, as it will allow the positive energy to flow in your living place. One of the genuine Vasthu Experts in Chennai, Mr. Sai, will blend the horoscope of owner and land with the principles of “Vasthu Shastra.” To see Vasthu for any purpose, you should not look for anyone other than our Best Vasthu Consultant in Chennai, Mr. Sai having sixteen years of experience.


Whom to approach Vasthu Shastra and bring harmony to your life?

Very few Vasthu Experts in Chennai like Mr. Sai will instruct you regarding the location of doors, windows and the placing of various other elements. And Mr. Sai, Vasthu Consultant in Chennai is the one among the best person who will tell you the exact directions associated with the twelve Zodiac Signs. So, it is best to approach Mr. Sai Vasthu Experts in Chennai for more details.

Mr. Sai, Best Vasthu Consultant in Chennai comes up with the analysis of Vasthu and Astrological Planets: –

North Mercury Living (Siting) Room, Safe
North-East Jupiter Worship Room, Living Room
East Sun Living Room, Bathroom (No Toilet)
South-East Venus Kitchen
South Mars Kitchen, Store Room
South-West Rahu Master Bedroom, Heavy Storage
West Saturn Children’s Bedroom, Store Room, Study
North-West Moon Guest Room, Bathroom, Grain Storage Room.

General Vasthu Tips suggested by Mr. Sai, Vasthu Consultant in Chennai
a. Always the Main Entrance should be in East, North or North-East direction.

b.Wash Bowl should be placed in the North, East or north-East side to the hall

c.Staircases should be built with an odd number of stairs.

d.Don’t build any stairways on the northeast side, since it will cause loss of wealth and the stair cases should always be in South- West part of the building.

e. Sewage Disposal Tank should be located in North or East side of the plot but should be in East of North(center) and the sewage disposal tank should not touch the compound wall in North or East.

f. For electric generator and transformer installation, South- East direction is absolutely fine.

Like the above tips there are many numbers of parameters to execute the Vasthu Shastra for your place. So, do not waste time and contact Mr. Sai, Best Vasthu Consultant in Chennai.

Jai Sai Aromaa Remedy Centre is being run by Mr. Sai for the past 20 years. Mr. Sai, aged 48 is an expert in occult science and numerology. He has brought about amazing positive changes in the lives of more than 6000 persons of all age groups and companies by just changing their names and have put them on the path of progress.


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