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In business, feng shui is implemented for a uniform & good flow of chi within the office in order to strengthen the well being of the employees, support from the mentors, helping a business sustain long term relationships with clients, as well as attract more business success.


The Universally accepted Career Sector for anyone is North of their Home or Office, activating this sector with running water like with Water fountains / water falls, will enhance your Career luck to the apex.


Feng shui has a diversity of information to help you with all areas of your life. From how to feng shui your bedroom for love to how to feng shui your home for vibrant health, our feng shui site has many tips and solutions to help you create a harmonious home.


Our symbols for attracting love and marital bliss can help you bring more synchronized, joyful and lively feng shui energy into your life. You can be a single person and looking for you’re a perfect partner, stressed in your marriage or happily married, or maybe you just want to have more enjoyable married life, here at Feng Shui India you will find all the potent feng shui symbols for your love life.


Feng Shui Symbols for Power enables you to achieve the authority, power and success that you deserve in your Career and Domestic life.


Traditional feng shui has a bundle of feng shui symbols for protection and inviting good luck. The need for protection must not come out of fear, but fairly from the understanding that there is an ample assortment of energies around us, and a few of those energies are best left outside your own home and Office.


Feng Shui for wealth helps you use various symbols & articles to be placed both at home and office to create an environment that will attract prosperity and wealth. There are many easy and trouble-free tips and feng shui products that can be used in your space for strong wealth energy.


In Feng Shui, Talisman & Amulets are commonly used as feng shui cures or feng shui enhancers, that can be in the form of Charms, Bracelets, Keychains, Card Holders etc.


The Chinese people have always emphasized on education as most important aspect of life. To them, education is vital as it represents an opportunity to grow and be more successful in life. The bedroom or study area is an important aspect of their development as well as the surroundings you give them. Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years for a child’s education, and if you use the right products to energize the Career area then you will surely notice an improvement in study and concentration.


The “Name & Fame” sector has to do with being your real self in the world and getting the respect that comes from this part of life. Feng Shui for Fame helps you “spread the word” to get genuine appreciation and recognition for your talents and contributions in your office and home.

Jai Sai Aromaa Remedy Centre is being run by Mr. Sai for the past 20 years. Mr. Sai, aged 48 is an expert in occult science and numerology. He has brought about amazing positive changes in the lives of more than 6000 persons of all age groups and companies by just changing their names and have put them on the path of progress.


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