Rudraksha Power – The Eyes Of Lord Shiva

The mystical Rudraksha beads are known for having great religious significance in controlling the effects of elusive energy force and bringing about fortune, peace, and success in your life. Found in special trees at the peak of Himalayas, Rudraksha or the eye of Shiva contains the restorative and healing power of counteracting negative planetary impacts. The wearer of Siddh Rudraksha, in the astrological narrative,is blessed with boundless progress, health, and fearless life.

PavitraJyotish is an authorized place for original and authentic Rudraksha beads recommended by our Renowned Astrologer, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant, based on astrological analysis of your planets and Nakshatras of the Horoscope, with a further remedial solution as suggested.

Get the original and authentic Rudraksha beads from PavitraJyotish, an authorized and trusted astrological service solution provider. We have developed a proprietary method to cleanse, energize and attune Rudraksha beads to carry the maximum potential for reversing the bad planetary impacts in your life.

Siddh Rudraksha to bring in your life health and perpetual prosperity is now available at PavitraJyotish. We have a myriad range of Astrological Products, and Rudraksha is one such greatest product that we boast of having in our reservoir due to its sheer gravity of spiritual and divine prowess. As a matter of fact, they are energized through rituals and mantras under the guidance of our renowned astrologer, in compliance with the principle ascribed in the book of Vedic Astrology. Get original Rudraksha from online and experience the benefit of convenience at your home while we ensure doorstep delivery of your Rudraksha online in a time-bound manner. The feature of placing for genuine Rudraksha online from PavitraJyotish is to get energized and original product. Besides, guidelines and suggestions provided thereof would be an added advantage for you to make the most of our product for bringing peace and happiness to your life. You can also drop an order for original Nepal Rudraksha. PavitraJyotish is a known and best place to buy Rudraksha. Our products carry energy force that would bless the wearers positively.

Powerful Siddh Yantra for Sure Success

Yantra holds the occult power that releases subtle effects of cosmic energy. This powerful Yantra is ritualised by Mantra that further empowers its potentiality of trans formative or curative effects. In Vedic Astrology, Yantras, represented by geometrical figures or numerical values, are formed by harnessing the frequencies of 9 different planets called the Navagrahas, consisting of strong cosmic vibrations.

The numerical value of planetary Yantras in relation to the transit of nine planets dates back to the ancient age when sages prescribed a specific type of Yantras to people as a remedial measure for certain astro problems. Yantras serve as a medium for minimizing malefic impacts of planetary orientation in your horoscope. Wearing or worshipping the recommended Siddh Yantra can bring about peace and growth in every walk of your life.

At PavitraJyotish, get original and authentic Yantra developed as a proprietary method to cleanse, energise and attune Yantra to serve your purpose well.

PavitraJyotish is one of the leading places for original and authentic Siddh and powerful Yantras. Bring in your life the peace and success by our Siddh Yantras, which are developed using our proprietary method involving the process of cleansing, energizing and attuning the Yantra to suit your life’s purpose well.

Siddh or energized holds positive energy force that is so powerful that it can bring forth peace and prosperity in your life, apart from giving you safety from unwanted effects of malefic Planetary Transit in your Horoscope. Our powerful yantras are energized under the principle of Vedic astrology while pious methods are being followed to energies yantras bearing effective cure for the malefic type of problem faced by you. For example, yantra for business success is good to go for every business person facing unwanted loss and failure due to reasons related to astrological incompatibility of planetary connections. Moreover, you can choose our yantra for success and wealth if financial destitution is what you have been going through for sometimes and you want a solution for the same. Through sarva siddhi mantra yantra sold by PavitraJyotish, we ensure that you get high-quality stone energized under the Vedic mantras and other procedures under the guidance of our astrologer. Get our powerful yantra and spell success in the sphere of your life.

Crystal Or Sphatik – Use Positive Energy of Crystal

Quartz crystal aka Sphatik is a storehouse of positivity, strength, and power,as per the narrative of astrology and mythological references. This earth-mined natural mineral is a good conductor of energy, light, positive vibes, and powerful zing to unchain you off unnatural fear, uncertainty, and negativity.

Sphatik Yantra is like a strong shield against negative vibrations, thus allowing you strengthen your ability to fulfill your dreams and live your life harmoniously. The crystal Yantra is the best healing technique for various Life related problems due to its integral natural energy. It drives away negative influences in your life and blesses it with abundant health and progress, including happy familial bonding.

PavitraJyotish offers one stop shop solution to crystal Yantras that we develop using our proprietary method in order to cleanse, energize and attune Sphatik Idol or Yantra, especially to serve your goals well. Each Sphatik Yantra is original and authentic and can be availed at the most competitive price.

Power of Parad – Natural Occurrence Most Auspicious Metal

Siddh Parad items refer to those types of highly cleansed and energized materials that exhibit the power to positively influence your life with a fortune to wealth, name and fame. Besides carrying medical power, Parad holds great spiritual and astro significance for having a notable trait to pacify Navagraha Doshas in your life. The subtle energy released by it could control numerous maladies, including asthma and BP.

A house with the presence of Siddh Parad Yantra is the dwelling place of Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi Ganesh, and Lord Kuber, as per the narrative of Shiv Puran. Grain prosperity in your life with Siddh Parad items available at the most competitive price at PavitraJyotish. We make an astro analysis of planetary orientation of your horoscope to further recommend relevant Siddh Parad idol or items to help you make a great progress in your life.

PavitraJyotish is a reputable place for Siddh Parad items/Yantras/idols. We develop these items based on our proprietary method that involves cleansing and emerging Parad idol/Yantras to bring forth peace and positive influences in your life.

Siddh Yantra Locket – That cast in positive energy in your life

Yantra projects symbolic sanctity for numerical figures construed as a fortune-bearer based on its spiritual power and force. It is stated to yield miraculous harmony in your life, if its well carved amulet/locket is worn, according to astrological guidance. Siddh locket Yantra is a diagrammed model of different mantras, helping the astrologer to gather what exactly troubles you in your life, without the wasteful pursuit of time and energy.

There are certain Yantras which are revered at the altar while those ones worn as a locket are used for bringing growth and prosperity to the chosen aspect of your life. Powerful Yantra locket bears the enormity of power to positively influence your planetary movements, which, in turn, spells growth for a certain aspect of your life. Some locket Yantras harness the power of divinity and are said to impact life positively if worn in accordance with astro guidance.

Jai Sai Aromaa Remedy Centre is being run by Mr. Sai for the past 20 years. Mr. Sai, aged 48 is an expert in occult science and numerology. He has brought about amazing positive changes in the lives of more than 6000 persons of all age groups and companies by just changing their names and have put them on the path of progress.


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