Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer


Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer

Love is something that doesn’t need any words to describe it. Everyone wants to marry their desired ones to live happily. In such situations, Our LOVE MARRIAGE SPECIALIST ASTROLOGER  Mr. Sai a famous India based Love Problem Solution Astrologer will eradicate all the problems and provide perfect alternatives to marry our desired ones with the help of Kundali Analysis.

What is Kundali Analysis?

Kundali Analysis for marriage will be checked based on the date of birth, time of birth and the power of planets. Our Love Solution Astrologer Mr. Sai, through Kundali Analysis he could get the views of life after marriage, family life and childbirth. If our LOVE MARRIAGE SPECIALIST ASTROLOGER Mr. Sai finds the analysis to be weak for the couples, Our Love Problem Solution Astrologer, Mr. Sai from Ambattur, Chennai would give you an incredible alternative to match the couples destiny.

How will the client chart alliance be analyzed by Love Solution Astrologer?

Mr. Sai will analyze from the following point of views:-
1. Seventh House (Responsible for love life and married life) and its lord planet should be examined.
2. Second House (Responsible for overall family life) should be analyzed.
3. Fifth House (Responsible for childbirth and children) should be examined.
4. The condition of Venus Planet (Responsible for women in a man’s life) should be checked in the chart of boy or man.
5. The status of Mars Planet (Responsible for men in a woman’s life) should be checked in the chart of the girl or woman.
6. The condition of Mercury Planet should be analyzed as the condition of Mercury indicates the communication skills and patience level in a person.
7. Ongoing periods like Antardashas and Mahadashas in the lives of both should be taken into consideration by analyzing their horoscope chart. Sometimes it has been observed that, if marriage was done in dasha of some wrong planet either in boys or girls life affects the married life negatively.
How our Love Solution Astrologer, Mr. Sai is different from other Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer?

Our Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer Mr. Sai from Ambattur, Chennai knows many tantras’s/mantra’s and ancient astrology knowledge in each segment of astrology, so, he can resolve all type of problems/issues in a couple of weeks, whatever issues, pre-marriage or post marriage with perfect results. If you have problem-related to love, then, you should talk with our Love Problem Solution provider “Mr. Sai from Ambattur Chennai.”